Dear All,

The National Trust have cancelled tomorrow's event I am afraid.  See message below.

Please pass on the news to everyone you know, especially any who do not have or do not regularly check their e-mails.

What a pity as our singing on Wednesday was excellent.

In haste .. I have phone calls to make!!



Shaftesbury Community Choir and Gasworks Choir are both due to perform tomorrow at Stourhead. We have been keeping an eye on the weather this week and unfortunately it is looking as though there will be thunderstorms over Stourhead (an 80% chance or above) for the late morning / lunchtime and afternoon period. All the locations for the performances are outdoors with no cover. We are also aware that the visiting public pay close attention to a weather forecast when making the decision to visit. Therefore after much consideration and deliberation we have decided to cancel tomorrows performances. I am sorry for the short notice, I have been hoping the forecast was going to change but the odds of the storms are increasing not decreasing. We have no indoor locations for performances and I fear that you would be singing to empty courtyards and gardens.