Dear All,

Although it is a great pity that Stourhead had to be called all off, all our hard work will not go to waste as we have received a last minute invitation to sing for Shaftesbury Home Grown THIS COMING SATURDAY MORNING. We do hope you can make it.  Arrive 10.15 at the Quaker Meeting House, Abbey Walk (just off Bimport, and very close to the hospital and Trinity Centre) for a 10.30 start.  See attached flier.

Programme: Let the Sunshine, Hold On, Sunshine Fire and Rain, Java Jive, Let’s call the whole thing off, Follow the Heron, Wake Up, Tree of life, My Little Cup, Evo Banke, Morning has come, Green Man, Throw It Away, Run Rabbit Run.

Dress code: shades of red of course.


Sunday 24 September:  Holnest Country Fayre. Rylands Farm DT9 5PS.  Arrive 2.15 for a 2.30.  (In aid of the Future Roots project)  Look it up on http://www.futureroots.net/   We have been given only 10 parking permits so it would be most helpful if choir members could share cars.  However, if we need to use more cars the choir will reimburse the £5 charge.   If we could all ask around and sort ourselves out, it would make Julia’s life a LOT easier!

Future Roots Care Farm, Dorset


The idea of Future Roots was founded by Julie Plumley in 2006. She grew up on a dairy farm in Dorset, and qualified as a social worker … read more...

Wednesday 27 September: Bring-a-Friend Day.  Four or five completely new songs, so absolutely perfect for regulars, lapsed members and newcomers alike.  £3 + mug as usual.  Do try and make a few friends over the next couple of weeks and bring them along.

Friday 15 December: 2.15 Christmas entertainment for the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies.  Durweston Village Hall.  (Durweston is the home of lots of traditional Dorset carols, so watch this space!)

The recordings we made last night of “Go Placidly” and “Follow the Heron” can be heard on the LISTEN page.


Sunday 24 September: (same day as Holnest) Templecombe Ladies’ Choir concert. 

Saturday 7 October: Tisbury Arts Group Cabaret. 

Sunday 15 October Karen’s choral piece “Heartwood” at Springhead.


Dick (bass) reported the really excellent news that the Westminster Hospital is to be saved, a decision welcomed by Simon Hoare MP who writes:

 "I warmly welcome the CCG recommendation to retain beds at the Westminster Memorial and to explore commissioning of a new health hub.  There was a huge local campaign to retain these beds and the CCG has been as good as its word.  The CCG promised me that it would listen to local voices and it is.  There will be huge relief among my Constituents and I share that.  I will continue to work with the CCG to ensure the best outcomes for North Dorset”


As you know, it has been suggested that the choir might like to raise money to help the people of Sierra Leone caught up in the devastating mudslide outside the capital, Freetown.   Our intentions have been overtaken by other events, but the disaster has not been forgotten.  One idea is to sing one morning in the town centre.  When we did something similar for the tsunami in the Philippines a few years ago it raised several hundred pounds. Please come armed with your ideas next week.


If you want to order a pizza and have it waiting for you before choir on a Wednesday, call 07521 413720.