Dear All,

Congratulations on a really fantastic performance for the Town Twinning Association last weekend.  So many people have thanked and complimented us as I am sure you are aware.  .   Everyone looked to be having a good time … mouths open wide and all eyes on Karen too!  Impressive.  I seemed to be having less of an effect the previous weekend at Castle Hill despite my best efforts.  Jolly photos attached.   Next week we will be doing: Ceremony Boogie; Ooh la la lay; Sithi Shwele / A Yele; Riverside; Run Rabbit Run; Anthem (Dvorak); In My Life; O Signore.


I have let Quentin and Maggie know that there will be about 12 of us visiting their farm next Monday (23 September).  Arrive by 2.30. Cream tea at 4.30.  Cost maybe about £5 per person but maybe free!  (NB Although the postal address is East Knoyle, the farm is on the east side of the A 350.)


Monday 2 December   Shaftesbury Christmas lights etc.    More details later.

Sunday 15 December  Motcombe Christmas Procession.  5.00 – 7.00 p.m.  More details later.

… and looking much further ahead

Friday 8 May 2020 We have been asked to take part in the Shaftesbury VE Day celebrations (75 year celebration).  Again, more details later … much later.


Sunday 6 October   Singing workshop with Helen Porter.  Shaftesbury Town Hall.  See last week’s flyer.

Saturday 19 October  The Music Makers of London.  “Sun, Moon and Stars” Concert at St. John’s Church, Tisbury.  Tickets can be bought in advance at: https://stjohntisbury.eventbrite.com    (See earlier flyer)


Michael Bailey has produced a card of the choir singing at Gold Hill Fair.  Copies cost £2.00 and Julia is taking orders.  The cards are also likely to be available from various shops etc. in due course.  Larger copies of the picture are also available for £10.00


Brian (bass) was very pleased at the very positive response to the suggestion that we contribute to the purchase of the electric cars for the hospital.   He is going to pass this over to the person who is responsible for Friends fund raising, so watch this space. 


Nick Crump, who many of you will know, writes:

As you may not have been aware, I have been working on a book of my own compositions for the last 4 months. It is now finished, published and ready for anyone interested in playing my music or just owning a copy of the book.

This project was initiated with the encouragement of many friends and musicians, to whom I’m really grateful. These include Paul Hutchinson, Karen Wimhurst and Tim Laycock (who has kindly written the Foreword).

I have rounded up 56 tunes from the last 30 years, many of which are played by the Hambledon Hopstep Band. The folk pieces are an eclectic mix of lively jigs, slow airs, hornpipes, waltzes and reels for dancing.  There are also some trumpet solos and a 4 part harmony hymn, co-written with Tim Laycock, about Shaftesbury Abbey.

Each tune was professionally recorded at my friend Ed’s studio (Sylvafield Studios in Semley). All 56 (plus 2 bonus tracks) can be heard or downloaded free (nearly 80 mins. of mp3s), as a learning aid with the purchase of the book.

The book is A4 size and spiral bound, so it stays nice and flat on the music stand.  (See photo)  If you would like a copy of the book either go to my website where there is a page for ordering via PayPal or credit card www.nickcrump.co.uk/tunebook (there is a charge for P&P). Alternatively, you can arrange to call in at my house and pick one up. I will also bring some to HHB gigs and I hope to arrange other outlets in the near future.


Don’t forget Sue Clifford and Angela King have reprinted their first (green) Shaftesbury Tree Walk leaflet and produced a second leaflet (blue) detailing a slightly longer walk taking in Gold Hill, St James, Enmore Green and Tout Hill.  Both leaflets, which have lovely maps in them, are available on Wednesday evenings and are quite FREE.