28 MARCH 2019

Dear All,

Terrific work last night.  Call of Wisdom and Long and Winding Road were sounding splendid and I think we have finally cracked Time After Time.  Unusually for us, it was an all-English language set.  Freda (soprano) has estimated that we sing in at least 16 different languages!  Next week we will be looking at songs in 4 of them: Viva la Musica, Listen, Time After Time, Forever Young, Things, Pebble on My Tongue, Stille de Nacht and Isa lei.


Sunday 12 May  Shaftesbury Food Festival.  12.30 Abbey Gardens

Friday 7 June  Concert at St James Church, Shaftesbury.  7.30 (provisionally)

Saturday 15 June  Motcombe Village Fete 1.45 – 2.15 (provisionally)

Sunday 7 July Shaftesbury Fringe / Gold Hill Fair.  12.30 (provisionally) Park Walk.

Saturday 13 July  Shaftesbury Primary School Fete

Saturday 7 September Singing at Castle Hill Garden party


Saturday 30 March  Spectra Musica Concert, Wincanton. See earlier flyer.

Sunday 31 March  Shaftesbury Orchestra Concert.  7.30 p.m. at Port Regis. Beethoven and Mendelssohn.  ABSOLUTELY FREE.  See attached flyer.

Tues 9 – Sat 13 April  Shaftesbury Arts Centre spring production – two one act comedies -  Audience and The Real Inspector Hound. See earlier flyer.

Saturday 13 April  Gillingham Singers Concert. See earlier flyer.

Sat 4 – Sun 5 May  Come and Sing Vivaldi.  St John’s Tisbury.  See earlier flyer.

Saturday 15 June  Choral Day with Deborah Radford.  Port Regis.  See earlier details


Men Bao (soprano) will be starting a new class for beginners on Tuesday evenings from 6.00 – 7.00 in St Peter’s Church Hall (just behind the Town Hall) starting next week (Tuesday 2 April).  You are welcome to just turn up and try. See attached flyer.


See the attached flyer for details of the Wild about Shaftesbury Ecology Competition.  We are so fortunate to live in a beautiful, rural part of the country, and the organisers of the competition are anxious to raise awareness and appreciation for the natural treasure in and around Shaftesbury.