9 AUGUST 2018

Dear All,

Some excellent singing last night. “Alleluia” is always good of course, but “Love, Peace and Wisdom” and “Isa Lei” in particular are going to be real showstoppers. Thanks Katherine (tenor) and Lizzie (Katie [alto]’s daughter) for introducing these songs to us.

As you know, choir continues over the summer months of course although we do not have any bookings in the immediate future and, sadly, the event at Cedars/Castle Hill on Saturday 1 September has been CANCELLED.    However, the church choir at St Peter’s are holding a hymn marathon on the afternoon of Sunday 21 October, and I do know that members of the community choir who would like to swell the ranks would be more than welcome.


Sunday 12 August  “Ninebarrow” at Springhead, Fontmell Magna.  See attached flier.  I’ve heard this duo several times now and their singing is absolutely stunning.

Saturday 25 August  “Push”   St. Thomas’ Church, Salisbury.  Yuko, Anne H, Clare H, Sue S  and maybe one or two more choir members are taking part in the first performance of this remarkable opera.  Full details on