30 AUGUST 2018

Dear All,

Lovely singing last night – “Badge Wednesdays” really seem to being out the best in people!  Katie (alto) would like to draw our attention to this link which gives a translation of “Isa Lei”:



Isa Lei (Fijian Farewell Song) « Fijian Lyrics


As you may remember, it has been suggested that choir members might like to know what is in store for them the following week.   Next time it will probably be: Walk in Beauty, Ceremony Boogie, One Heart Beating, That Lonesome Road, For Once in my Life, Call of Wisdom, Isa Lei, One man’s Hands, Go Placidly. 


Heidi’s mum completed her skydive last weekend in aid of Cancer Research.  The following link will take you to a really EXCELLENT video of her experience.   Well worth watching. .  Brave lady – what an inspiration.   


If you haven’t already sponsored her, I am sure Heidi would be more than happy to accept further donations!



Friday 7 September  The Shaftesbury Group” Art Fair.  See attached flier.  More details on Facebook / Instagram:  @the shaftesburygroup

Sunday 21 October  The church choir at St Peter’s are holding a hymn marathon on the afternoon of Sunday 21st.   Members of the community choir who would like to swell the ranks would be more than welcome.

Sunday 28 October  Come-and-Sing Faure Requiem.  Buckhorn Weston.  See attached flier.