14 JUNE 2018

Dear All,

More excellent singing last night – we got through a tremendous amount of material in readiness for our performances over the coming weeks - I hope you are looking forward to them.  Full details below.  Don’t forget to buy your Amore tickets from Julia - choir members are asked to pay £5, guests £7.


Saturday 16 June  (this weekend)  Motcombe Fete  2.00 – 2.45.  Usual dress code – i.e. shades of red (no patterns) above the waist, dark or black below.  Please arrive by 1.45.  No parking problems or permits needed - just head for the Village Hall and we’ll be ushered towards the car-park. The programme will be chosen from (in no particular order): Viva la musica; Alleluia (Pachelbel); Bamba Lela; Campfire Song; Follow the Heron; Hippopotamus Song; I can’t help falling in love; I wish I knew how; Up above my head; Morning has come; Dvorak anthem; Long and winding road; Hamba Nighale; Pebble on my tongue; California Dreamin’.

Thursday 21 June (next week) Shaftesbury Civic Day.  2.30.  Shaftesbury Town Hall.  Julia has organised a number of members of the choir to man our “stall” for the afternoon but we are hoping for a really good turnout of people to sing for up to 30 minutes outside the town hall.  Repertoire will largely taken from the Motcombe set.

Wednesday 27 June “Slice of Song” party at Amore.  Tickets (to include a glass of wine / juice + pizza) are now on sale from Julia.   This is always a great occasion so do spread the word and bring family and friends along.


Sunday 1 July   Shaftesbury Fringe and Gold Hill Fair.  Two performances: 11.00 Gospel Sing-a-long with Bell Street Jazz Band (Trinity Centre) and then 1.00 – 1.45 on Park Walk (backs to the wall and away from all generators and other amplified sound!!)

 Saturday 1 September  Cedars / Castle Hill garden party, Bimport.


There are fliers for a number of events attached to this newsletter in addition to the following:

Tues 19 – Sat 23 June  Midsummer Night’s Dream.  7.45 p.m.  Sherborne.


Sunday 24 June  Great Get Together.  12.00 noon onwards.  Town meadow, Gillingham

… also (and you can do both if you’re quick)

Templecombe Ladies Choir Spring Concert  3.00 p.m.  Templecombe


Karen is collecting coloured milk tops for a project she is engaged in.  Please bring them along on Wednesdays until she shouts “no more”!


If you want to order in advance, then give Marcus a call on 07787 894110 and your pizza will be waiting for you when you arrive.


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