11 OCTOBER 2018

Dear All,

Sorry about the lack of newsletters over the past few weeks.  Microsoft and I have had a slightly difficult time of it recently but at least now I can say I’ve got a friend in Silicon Valley!   Great singing last night, and lovely to see a few new faces …  as well as the regulars of course.

Next time we will probably be looking at: Come and Sing; Hosanna; Call of Wisdom; Suo Gan; Things; Cherubim Song and making an early start on a few Christmas ones.



Thursday 22 November  Concert at St Mary’s School (Shaftesbury). We will probably be singing four songs.  7.00 p.m.  More details later.

Saturday 1 December  Singing for Westminster Memorial Hospital (Shaftesbury) at the Quaker Meeting House. 10.45 (I expect).  More details later.


Wed 17 – Sat 20 October  The Lady Killers.  Shaftesbury Arts Centre. 7.30.  With a host of well-known faces including Pam (soprano) and Marie (also)

Saturday 20 October              Sing Your Heart Out with Gilo and Sarah.  Cranborne Village Hall

Sunday 28 October  Come-and-Sing Faure Requiem.  Buckhorn Weston.  See attached flyer.

Saturday 8 December  Salisbury Symphony Orchestra.  See attached flyer.