19 January 2017

Dear All, 

On the LISTEN page of the website you will find the first of the two recordings we made yesterday.  You will be pleased to hear that I deleted “Evo Banke” – not our finest hour!! We will be looking at it again next week.


Tuesday 14 February  10.30 – 12.00Singing for and with the North Dorset Stroke Club.  Charlton Village Hall (Just off the A30 about 2m from Shaftesbury). 

Our programme will consist of (in no particular order): We’ve got all the love; Let’s call the whole thing off; Blue Moon; California Dreamin’; I’m gonna sing, sing, sing; Every time I feel the spirit; Shenandoah; Lollipop; Chattanooga Choo Choo.  (As agreed, I have invited a flautist friend from Tisbury to contribute an item too.)  Although we will be including all of these songs in our sessions over the coming weeks, if we feel there is a need for an extra practice nearer the date then I am fairly sure that can be organised.

Spectra Musica invite you to their Come and Sing Day on Saturday 11th February in Cheap Street Church, Sherborne which will feature Handel’s ‘Israel in Egypt’ in a programme entitled ‘A Georgian Choral Extravaganza’.